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Fun Things to Do
Please always be careful with your special sims, some of these things can majorly change or even kill your sim: warnings are posted in the description.
Let your social run down to nothing Do not talk or interact with any other sim or animal until your social need becomes 0. Safe

Befriend 3 guys in Llama jackets (University) Make three of the college students in dark jackets with the Llama insignia into friends. Safe unless you feed the plant.

Make your sim have a negative aspiration level Wait until your sim runs out of aspiration and then try to have the sim experience some things he/she is afraid of. Safe.
Befriend the large wolf with glowing eyes. (Pets) Warning: Can majorly change sim.

Use a telescope during the day Point the telescope at a neighbors house and use it. Safe

Wall a sim off or remove pool stairs, then beg the grim reaper for their life. Warning: Expect them to die: begging doesn't always work.
Also, what kind of sick puppys are you/me? Are you really, really this bored?
Make the exterminator a playable sim. Build your relationship up with the exterminator, ask him/her to move in, check out his skills. Safe

Start a business in your home at night. (Open for Business) If you have some amenities such as a pool table or a card table, buy the black ticket stand and an open/close sign. Call on the phone to start a home business, set the ticket price to low, set out some food, open your business, lock your bedroom door and go to sleep. In the morning, close the business before work. Note: May require some cleanup. Safe.
Fall in love with a Vampire (Nightlife) Warning: Can majorly change your sim. Find a vampire out at night in a Downtown lot, build a romantic relationship up to love.
Play one member of a really big family. Start a multigenerational family of 8 and let 7 of them do their own thing (set to computer control) while you play/micromanage one. See what happens.
Play a legacy or challange game. Search the internet for either and you'll come up with forums that are hosting challanges and legacy games.
Create a career #1. Pay your sim for doing something they would not ordinarily get paid for at all or would not get paid enough normally. Use the cheat code kaching or motherlode - examples: going to community lots and cleaning (maid), cooking hotdogs and hambergers at community lots, entertaining (street performer), dancing (dancer), making friends, teaching interests (in Freetime) or tutoring (in University).
Create a career #2. Build up your skills and have your sims "work as" on community lots - some objects that allow work as are the coffee bar (work as barrista), DJ Booth (work as DJ), bars (work as bartender) - try to find them all.
Create a career #3. Use skills and objects that are built into the game to create money. There are many possibilities from different expansion packs. Examples: Pet Trainer (send your pets to work for you), Mechanic (buy old cars and fix them up), Artist (sell paintings), Farmer (grow and sell produce).

This page is a work in progress. Got some fun tips? Send them in to jendea at jendea
dot com.

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