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Jendea Simitecture Revamp

Hello simmers and gamers!
Welcome to the reopening of Jendea Simitecture; a website dedicated to free dlc for sims games, building games and more! I've kicked off the site with a few each of Sims 3 houses and Sims 4 houses. The much loved links list is back with new additions weekly. I also have a few articles finished for you to peruse!

June News: Sale Month! As I write this, the Origin Summer Sale is on, the GOG sale is wrapping up and the Steam Sale is about to start. It's a great time to be playing. As always, check out the Humble Bundle for really great deals. I started the Humble Monthly, the Humble subscription thing, last month and was completely thrilled with the first set of games. I'll let you know how it goes from here.

If you need help getting these downloads into your games, click here: HELP me get these downloads into my game! (also in the dropdown menu under articles).